Free Media Management Tool for AVID Systems

MDV is a tiny app. It allows you to dig in and access all those hidden MXF/OMF file attributes AVID has implemented in its internal database management system. Once you have identified the projects and files associated with them - then you can move them into a folder for archival purposes.
You can deal not only with files/names , but with Bins! Put some media into your bin and feed it to MDVx - and you'll get the complete file list with the referenced files. MXF and OMF media works out of the box. Currently developing AMA support...

  • a kind of media tool (or media manager) for AVID software.
  • shows project sizes
  • allows you to easily copy your media files
  • works with any AVID system
  • supports UNITY/LANSHARE/ISIS, any network drives
  • no need to install on target system - just run the file.
  • (MAC only)supports integration with third party apps like VLC and Mediainfo
  • (MAC only)supports advanced scripting with applescript


New version

zipMDVx - alpha version for MAC OS X 10.7+ - redownload the file to get the last version.
pdfMDVx manual - manual for MDVx

Old versions.

zipmdv_screen.gif - screenshot - v0.4 build 20 jul 2008 UNICODE without preview,store and bin scanner - v0.3 build 23 jun 2007 UNICODE without preview

3 thoughts on “MDV

  1. Hello,
    Recently we moved to Avid Interplay environment.
    Is your software supports retrieving materials from that environment?

    Thanks in advance,
    Ofer Palisian

    1. Yes. This app can retrieve media from any mounted drive – it might be a physical drive, a network drive, a virtual one etc..

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