[IMG]SRC  DIR- MDV Source code
[IMG]mdv_screen.gif  61K- screenshot
[   ]MDV_AVID_20jul08.zip  89K- v0.4 build 20 jul 2008 UNICODE without preview,store and bin scanner
[   ]MDV_AVID_23jun07.zip 185K- v0.3 build 23 jun 2007 UNICODE without preview
[   ]MDV_AVID_10feb07.zip 216K 
[   ]MDV_AVID_23oct06.zip 211K 

a kind of media tool (or media manager) for AVID software.
-- shows project sizes in megabytes (or terrabytes)
-- shows media compression
-- allows you to easily move,copy,delete your media files
-- works with DS nitris/Media Composer/Xpress/Xpress Pro/Xpress DV
-- supports UNITY/LANSHARE, any network drives
-- no need to install on target system - just run the exe file.