Free Media Management Tool for AVID Systems

Download: MDVx
For macOS
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*Note - you have to sort "UNMANAGED_FILES" manually because MDVx doesn't have enough metadata to do that.

2016 dec 30 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2587
- Added: more ways to filter with bins - see "apply filter". Now you can intersect, add or substract bin contents to database contents filter.
- Fixed: files with same source and destinations paths are now skipped in copy/move operations. (you can not copy file to itself)

2016 oct 04 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2577
- Changed: changed file size measurement units from KiB to kB (1024 --> 1000 base), to match Finder

2016 sep 16 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2557
- Added: More known resolutions
- Added: DNxHD bitrates metadata
- Added: bit-depth / bits per sample column

2016 sep 12 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2482
- Added: more human-readable resolutions
- Added: fps and samplerate metadata columns

2016 aug 24 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2439
- Added: Audio-media filter
- Added: Resolution metadata column

2016 jul 24 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2352
- Changed: renamed "UNREFERENCED_FILES" to "UNMANAGED_FILES" for more understandable representation of the items

2016 jul 23 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2350
- Changed: previously added right-click menu moved to "Export Summary" button
- Added: "Export database view" option inside "Tools" menu - you can export csv/html with filtered items from the database view.

2016 jul 18 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2326
- Added: the ability to Export "Project summary" report in variety of formats (csv,html) - the right-click menu with export options inside "Project Summary" window. Thanks for the idea to Jef Huey

2016 jul 07 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2277
- Changed: Use multiple bins at once as the database filter. (maybe for backup multiple finished projects at once)

2016 jul 06 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2267
- Added: text search field in database window.
- Added: When you double-click on the item in database window - it will be shown in finder in the new window.
- Changed: "Projects Summary" now is under the "Tools..." menu.

2016 jul 05 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2224
- Fixed: incorrect project assosiation bug. (another one)

2016 jul 03 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2189
- Fixed: incorrect project assosiation when you drag .mdb database into AVID bin.
files was associated with last-opened avid project.
Now taking associations from .mdb. Thanks to Jef Huey
- Speeded up .MDB parser.
- Drive selector update. Thanks to Isaac J. Terronez
- Moved some interface things around.

- implemented all Copy/Move/Delete core functionality - "actions"
- all "actions" have their own event log.
- everything was tested in 10.7x,10.9x,10.10x environment, on never and older macs.
- speeded up unity/ISIS/network interaction
- fully tested on ISIS. Thanks to Igor Nikolaev and Ilya Shapilov for remote access to their facility.

2016 mar 05 MDVx initial beta release 0.1 build 01

MDV is a tiny app. It allows you to dig in and access all those hidden MXF/OMF file attributes AVID has implemented in its internal database management system. Once you have identified the projects and files associated with them - then you can move them into a folder for archival purposes.
You can deal not only with files/names , but with Bins! Put some media into your bin and feed it to MDVx - and you'll get the complete file list with the referenced files. MXF and OMF media works out of the box. Currently developing AMA support...
  • a kind of media tool (or media manager) for AVID software.
  • easy to use, lightweight and ultra fast
  • no need to install on target system - just run the file.
  • shows project sizes
  • allows you to easily copy,move or delete your media files
  • works with any AVID system
  • tested with UNITY/LANSHARE/ISIS, any network drives
  • (MAC only)supports integration with third party apps like VLC and Mediainfo
  • (MAC only)supports advanced scripting with applescript

Many thanks to all these great people:

Isaac J. Terronez
Kevin P. McAuliffe
Ilya Shapilov
Igor Nikolaev
Bernhard Schulder
David Schweitzer
Jefry Huey
Chris Conlee
Mark Burton
William Smith


Your donations matter, whatever the amount.
Donations primarily support my interest to work on MDVx project.

Don't want to make donation, but want to help?
You can write review somewhere at major site, post a comment, make tutorial.
Whatever you want. Everything matter.

Want to make MDVx better - Your suggestions are welcome.

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New version - for MAC OS X

zipMDVx - the most current version for MAC OS X 10.7+ - re-download the file to get the last version.
pdfMDVx manual - manual for MDVx.

  • If anyone can provide more adequate manual or user's guide please e-mail it to me. I'll put it here. I'm not very skilled in english.

Old versions - for Windows.

zipmdv_screen.gif - screenshot - v0.4 build 20 jul 2008 UNICODE without preview,store and bin scanner - v0.3 build 23 jun 2007 UNICODE without preview

21 thoughts on “MDV

  1. Hello,
    Recently we moved to Avid Interplay environment.
    Is your software supports retrieving materials from that environment?

    Thanks in advance,
    Ofer Palisian

    1. Yes. This app can retrieve media from any mounted drive – it might be a physical drive, a network drive, a virtual one etc..

    1. Yes. All older versions (from 2006-2008) are windows applications.
      Newer version is MAC OS X only.

  2. Hello and thank you for such a wonderful application!

    Have you thought about making a GitHub repository so the community can help you with this? That might be a way to get a newer Windows version too, without having to sweat it yourself.

    1. If you mean “Windows” – only after polishing everything on MAC, i’ll port new version to windows.

  3. OMFG! I can’t believe you made the Mac version! I used this software like crazy when I worked with Avid on PCs. A couple of years ago I had to move to Avid on Mac and this was a real needed feature! Thank you so much!

  4. For the next version, could you try to…

    1) Add a check for updates menu option.
    2) Add a “Refresh database” button after a move/delete action.
    3) Option to colapse files into projects, so if I want to delete 134.537 files from one project I can just select that project instead of clicking page by page with the shift key pressed.


    1. 1) +
      2) Just press a Big-red button it will trash database and rescan everything.
      3) Filter just one project and press CMD-A, then delete

      1. Thanks for the fast reply!
        Yes, I saw I could do #3 after I sent the request, sorry about that. Also, it could be very useful to sort projects by size in the “Project Summary” and in the “Filter content” windows.

  5. I have used your Program for many years and really looking forward to the PC version to be updated. I absolutely can’t do without it. It has saved my frustration with a project so many times and in so many ways.
    Thank you so much for your great program.
    john Randall

  6. I’ve always liked software and have used it for years. Thanks for all your hard work on this. Really wish there was a newer PC version though. Tim

    1. At this moment – i just need a windows-10 powered 13 inch notebook for coding.
      because i have only macs in my setup. 🙂
      so it’s not too hard or expensive but i must buy it 🙂 because i have none.

  7. Hi,
    This is a great App, I am looking into examining the media database for a method of discovering the references within group clips. Do you have the Database structure I can use, it would make my task much easier?

    1. the references within group clips are stored in .avb bin or exported AAF
      you must examine these things – use aaf toolkit to do that.
      That’s how groupitforme works.

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