Free Media Management Tool for AVID Systems

MDV is a tiny app written by AVID editors for AVID editors.
Primarily it is made for media management at the file system level. Unlike the AVID’s Media tool, MDV uses direct file and path access and allows you to organize and archive your media inside the complex, not always simply-named structure of AVID’s media folders.
MDV supports all kinds of connected drives and media - from USB sticks to NEXIS storage, network drives, any kind of SAN, etc. MDV was extensively tested in AVID shared storage environments. Scanning speeds are optimized for low bandwidth - so you can manage and identify your media even over slower wi-fi network. The MDV scanner engine uses AVID’s .pmr and .mdb database files to identify media, and, as a result, MDV is compatible almost with any AVID editing system: Composer, Symphony, Express, or Newscutter.

Blend-X : beta6

Free AVX2 plugin for applying blend-modes in AVID

The release date is closer and closer
Everything is under precise tuning now.

With your help - we tested hundreds of setups
Now confirmed that Blend-X works on almost any MC system
From old MC 7x systems up to new MC 2019 and Macs on Catalina

The nextgen blend easy compositing plugin ! It’s real!

It took almost ten years to achieve this result!
Every blending mode is perfectly polished !
Only one list with blend modes !
And only one mixing slider - it can blend as much - as 100 percent ! wow !
And the most advanced modern feature - is the Magic slider.
It makes your visual result insanely powerful !
“Blend-x - the free choice of the professionals !”

• 32bit float point image processing
• precisely adjusted blend modes matching references (it looks like in ps,pr,bcc,davinci)
• one hundred percent blend slider
• Matte key with blend modes - amazing as never before
• And megacrazy WOWpowered 200% "Magic Slider"!
• everything you need - in a single zip package !
• also lazy waveform QC with three blinking squares on the gray background (wow!) included

MDV and Blend-X are free and will always be free.

Any supporting materials, such as articles or tutorials are welcome.

Feel free to use, give feedback and suggestions.

Sincerely yours - DJFio[DB].

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Suport this project: Donate for MDVx and Blend-X development with Yandex money or with PayPal

*Note - you have to sort "UNMANAGED_FILES" manually because MDVx doesn't have enough metadata to do that.

2020 feb 19 xBlend beta6:
- Added: Matte key effect -> just drag it over avid native mattekey and get instant result
- Fixed: Alpha key softening slope
- Confirmed: macOS Catalina support with newer MC open betas

2019 dec 39 MDVx silently updated to 0.1 build 3153
- Fixed: some internals

2019 oct 22 xBlend beta5:
- Added: Lazy QC Waveform module with waveform and vectroscope display
- Fixed: Some maths
- Changed: Beta 4 to Beta 5 (the one most great thing)

2019 sep 21 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 3152
- Added: Warning in the console when amount of files in single folder exceeds 4000
- Added: Abiblity to keep last folder name in path to keep things organized during copy/move
- Added: Some more warnings
- Fixed: Quick search field
- Fixed: Some more under the hood
- Changed: Updated manual

2019 sep 21 xBlend beta4: is Available !
- Added: New Advanced module with alpha support
- Added: Foreground and Result adjustments
- Fixed: Adjusted maths to be precisely identical in all modes
- Added: Alpha adjustments
- Added: More fun!
- Added: 100% free bells and whistles!
- Changed: Look at the screenshot
- Changed: more render speedup optimisation

2019 aug 30 xBlend beta3: is Available !
- Added: New blending modes! More! More! - look at the screenshot
- Added: 200% keyframable Magic slider - to add more magic!
- Changed: x10 render speedup optimisation

2019 aug 23 xBlend beta2: is Available !
- Added: 32bit float point image processing  (may be ACES compatible?)
- Added: precisely adjusted blend modes to match references (it looks like in ps,pr,bcc,davinci)
- Added: removed render artifacts for some modes (errors in maths)
- Added: osx 10.7+ support (don't know what for, but nice - maybe for MC6+?)
- Added: made some base code for much more modes.... (even if you don't need them)
- Added: added fancy modern "Bypass" checkbox

2019 aug 20 introducing xBlend plugin!
- NEW: totally free plugin for blending two layers like you do in PS/DAVINCI/BCC/etc
- Betatest: Let's betatest begin!

2019 feb 20 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 3002
- Added: when you double click action in queue - this will open finder with target folder
- Added: funny console window for geeks
- Added: Maaany messages to console

2019 feb 18 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2973
- Added: Some keyboard shortcuts CMD-F , CMD-N , CMD-R - see app menu for description
- Added: the Button to check for updated version on
- Renamed: filter category - "Non Portable filename" former "non ASCII"
- Changed: filter category - Portable filename restrictions A-Z a-z 0-9 - excluded symbols "|*/:<>?\
- Tweaked: some UI glitches

2019 feb 17 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2890
- Added: some additional filter categories to sort things out when troubleshooting Avid MediaFiles folder contents
- Added: filter category - Non ASCII filename
- Added: filter category - Bad UMID
- Added: filter category - Unreferenced file

2019 feb 8 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2799
- Changed: now .DS_Store and Thumbs.db are visible in results - you can easily delete them
- Changed: behavior when no drives selected after Big Button pressed

2017 jul 27 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2796
- Fixed: random crash when scanning on older systems
- Improved: scanning speeeeeed! approx. +20%

2017 jul 25 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2787
- Added: Simlple quick preview overlay on spacebar key shortcut
- Fixed: 10.7,10.8 OSx compatibility issue
- Fixed: some GUI glitches
- Fixed: some more bugs

2017 jul 19 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2638
- Added: parsing metadata from "Unmanaged" MXF files using libMXF
- Changed: metadata column names for UIDs to match libMXF behavior

2017 jun 26 added Python module for reading PMR files v0.0.1
for those who need it. it is a cross platform module.
- Retrieves: file-project associations from PMR files
- Supports: XML export
- Supports: tab separated list export

2017 jun 19 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2637
- Added: ability to show/hide metadata columns in the database window - right-click on the header
- Changed: visualisation of dragging .avb files into the database window

2017 jun 14 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2634
- Fixed: bin filtering issue when inexistent files being displayed

2017 jun 6 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2589
- Added: User Manual - see the .pdf file
- Fixed: Some UI labels to match the manual

2016 dec 30 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2587
- Added: little improvement to database bin filter - intersect/add/substract.

2016 sep 16 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2557
- Added: More known resolutions
- Added: DNxHD bitrates metadata
- Added: bit-depth / bits per sample column

2016 sep 12 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2482
- Added: more human-readable resolutions
- Added: fps and samplerate metadata columns

2016 aug 24 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2439
- Added: Audio-media filter
- Added: Resolution metadata column

2016 jul 24 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2352
- Changed: renamed "UNREFERENCED_FILES" to "UNMANAGED_FILES" for more understandable representation of the items

2016 jul 23 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2350
- Changed: previously added right-click menu moved to "Export Summary" button
- Added: "Export database view" option inside "Tools" menu - you can export csv/html with filtered items from the database view.
2016 jul 18 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2326
- Added: the ability to Export "Project summary" report in variety of formats (csv,html) - the right-click menu with export options inside "Project Summary" window. Thanks for the idea to Jef Huey

2016 jul 07 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2277
- Changed: Use multiple bins at once as the database filter. (maybe for backup multiple finished projects at once)

2016 jul 06 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2267
- Added: text search field in database window.
- Added: When you double-click on the item in database window - it will be shown in finder in the new window.
- Changed: "Projects Summary" now is under the "Tools..." menu.

2016 jul 05 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2224
- Fixed: incorrect project assosiation bug. (another one)

2016 jul 03 MDVx updated to 0.1 build 2189
- Fixed: incorrect project assosiation when you drag .mdb database into AVID bin.
files was associated with last-opened avid project.
Now taking associations from .mdb. Thanks to Jef Huey
- Speeded up .MDB parser.
- Drive selector update. Thanks to Isaac J. Terronez
- Moved some interface things around.

- implemented all Copy/Move/Delete core functionality - "actions"
- all "actions" have their own event log.
- everything was tested in 10.7x,10.9x,10.10x environment, on never and older macs.
- speeded up unity/ISIS/network interaction
- fully tested on ISIS. Thanks to Igor Nikolaev and Ilya Shapilov for remote access to their facility.

2016 mar 05 MDVx initial beta release 0.1 build 01

Name Last modified Size Description
[   ]
February 19 2020450.20KBxBlend generic - beta6 version (WIN64 7x 8x 10x)
[   ]
February 19 2020148.79KBxBlend generic - beta6 version (MAC 10.7-10.9)
[   ]
February 19 2020177.17KBxBlend generic - beta6 version (MAC 10.10-10.15)
[   ]
December 26 20191.39MBMDVx for OSX 10.7+
[   ]
December 26 2019633.75KBMDVx - the manual
[   ]
October 22 2019116.58KBScreenshot
[   ]
October 22 2019142.39KBScreenshot
[   ]
October 22 201966.15KBScreenshot
[   ]
September 21 2019310.26KBxBlend advanced - screenshot
[   ]
August 30 2019258.43KBxBlend generic - screenshot
[   ]
June 26 2017899.00B
[   ]
July 05 201698.75KBMDVx icon
[   ]
March 20 201560.69KBMDV for Windows - screenshot
[   ]
July 20 200889.00KBMDV for Windows v0.4 (jul-20-2008)
[   ]
June 23 2007185.00KBMDV for Windows v0.3 (jun-23-2007)
[   ]
February 10 2007216.09KBMDV for Windows v0.2 (feb-10-2007)
[   ]
October 23 2006210.56KBMDV for Windows (oct-23-2006)

MDV does not include any source code derived from reverse engineering of any application or library.
All code was developed based upon published specifications and/or trivial examination of data files.
MDV is not based on the Avid OMF Toolkit or Apple Bento in any way. It merely supports their file formats.

(C)DJFio[DB] 2006-2020