Free AVX2 plugin for applying blend-modes in AVID

• 64bit AVX2 win/mac plug-in for Avid MC6+ up to 2023.+
• 32bit per RGB/YUV channel float point image processing
• blend modes matching references (they look like in any other apps)
• blend transitions
• Matte key with blend modes - amazing as never before
• And megacrazy WOWpowered 200% "Magic Slider"! :)
• everything you need - in a single small zip package !
• also included waveform QC with three blinking squares on the gray background (wow!)
• introducing False Color mode in the Oscilloscope
• pure CPU powered plugin without any GPU tricks - more CPU - more speed :)

With your help - we tested hundreds of setups
Now confirmed that Blend-X works on almost any MC system
From old MC 6x systems up to new MC 2023 and Macs on Mojave and up to Ventura
The only limitation is a very old system or CPU

The missing blendmodes compositing plugin ! It’s here for free!

Note: If OSx Gatekeeper does not allow you to install the package - just run it with right click->open.

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additional downloads are on the "Downloads" page


This beta introduces "Blend-X Transition" effect
It allows you to make transitions using some blend modes
I'ts a kind of additive dissolve ...


This beta introduces "False Color" mode in the Oscilloscope
False color is one of the most effective exposure tools.
The concept of false color is quite simple:
different luminance values are represented by distinct colors
to give you a clear understanding of the exposure levels
of every part of your image.

Publications about Blend-X:

At last, easy Blend modes come to Avid Media Composer
Blend-X tutorial by GENIUSDV
Youtube: Get Free Blending Modes For Avid! by avidbeer
Youtube: Blend Modes / Composite Modes - Avid Media Composer Tutorial by Hans Ole
Youtube: Avid - Transparências Do Photoshop no Avid Media Composer - PLUGIN BLEND X
Youtube: How to Make a Ink Slide Show in AVID Media Composer 2020
Youtube: Plug In Blend X free AVX2

Is it really free of charge, even for commercial use?

Yes, it may be used completely free of charge, even in commercial applications.
However if you wish to show your appreciation and support its development you can make a donation.

Note: "Completely free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free".
MDVx, Blend-X, GdeYoZh are copyrighted software, not public domain software.

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Make donation using PayPal or Yoomoney (Yandex) money.


2020 jun 12 Blend-X beta8:
- Added: Blend-X transition effect.
- Fixed: some things under the hood.

2020 jun 2 Blend-X beta7 Win:
- Fixed: False Color Mode possible crash on windows hosts.
- Added: Minimal installer for Windows.
- Optimized: windows version speeded up up a little bit.

2020 may 15 Blend-X beta7:
- Added: False Color Mode in the Oscilloscope.
- Adjusted: Oscilloscope false color meausurements.
- Confirmed: macOS Catalina support with MC 2020.x.

2020 feb 19 Blend-X beta6:
- Added: Matte key effect -> just drag it over avid native mattekey and get instant result.
- Fixed: Alpha key softening slope.
- Confirmed: macOS Catalina support with newer MC open betas.

2019 oct 22 Blend-X beta5:
- Added: Lazy QC Waveform module with waveform and vectroscope display.
- Fixed: Some maths.
- Changed: Beta 4 to Beta 5 (the one most great thing).

2019 sep 21 Blend-X beta4: is Available !
- Added: New Advanced module with alpha support.
- Added: Foreground and Result adjustments.
- Fixed: Adjusted maths to be precisely identical in all modes.
- Added: Alpha adjustments.
- Added: More fun!
- Added: 100% free bells and whistles!
- Changed: Look at the screenshot.
- Changed: more render speedup optimisation.

2019 aug 30 Blend-X beta3: is Available !
- Added: New blending modes! More! More! - look at the screenshot.
- Added: 200% keyframable Magic slider - to add more magic!
- Changed: x10 render speedup optimisation.

2019 aug 23 Blend-X beta2: is Available !
- Added: 32bit float point image processing - suitable for newer 2019.x MC hosts.
- Added: precisely adjusted blend modes to match references (it looks like in ps,pr,bcc,davinci).
- Added: removed render artifacts for some modes (errors in maths).
- Added: osx 10.7+ support (don't know what for, but nice - maybe for MC6+?).
- Added: made some base code for much more modes.... (even if you don't need them).
- Added: added fancy modern "Bypass" checkbox.

2019 aug 20 introducing Blend-X plugin!
- NEW: totally free plugin for blending two layers like you do in PS/DAVINCI/BCC/etc.
- Betatest: Let's betatest begin!